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My name is David Graff, I am the CEO and founder of Real Value. As you navigate your financial journey, I hope you can share a piece of it with us. We are always looking to expand individual portfolios and provide something significant, something of real value.

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My Story

I took up investing several years ago. Coming from a family that had zero investments, I understand how it is to be green to the market. I also understand those who have been in the market and lost significantly. I am not exempt from the fair share of scams that have circulated.

Real Value is working on building a story with you rather than of you. Our goal is to help you expand your financial profiles, plain and simple. We offer something most companies don't, real stability in precious metals at affordable prices. While the big investments firms actively work against the individual, Real Value works with you to cater exactly to what you need. 


I wanted to create a company that both allowed for customization and growth for the investor. That is why Real Value allows total control of your plans, contributions, and of your choice of investments. We are totally unique in the market; no other company offers what we do. Take a look at our popular plans, contact us with any questions, take a minute to explore our website, and make sure to make a decision that works for you- regardless of if that's with us or someone else. 


I'm always looking for opportunities. Let's connect and grow together. 

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